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Arupadaiveedu (Six Abodes of Lord Murugan) are six temples of Hindu God Murugan, son of Lord Shiva situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. Lord Murugan is known by different names such as Karthikeyan, Skandan, Vadivelan, Subramanian and Murugan at various temples. Lord Murugan is worshiped primarily in areas especially in Sri Lanka, in all over India, Mauritius, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. His six most important shrines in Sri lanka also in India are the Six Abodes of Lord Murugan also known as ‘Arupadai Veedu’, literally meaning six warhouses. In India, all the six temples located in Tamil Nadu. The famous six abodes of Lord Murugan (Arupadai Veedu Temples) are listed with sort by sequence:

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple
Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple is situated on the outskirts of Madurai City of Tamilnadu, which is mainly known for the deity Lord Murugan. Thiruparankundram is the first among the six abodes (Arupadai Veedu Temples) of Lord Murugan. This is the place which is associated with the divine marriage of Lord Murugan with Goddess Deivanai and so it is considered as a sacred place for marriages.

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
The famous Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is located in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) District of Tamilnadu. This temple is the second most temple among the six holy adobes of Lord Murugan. This is the only temple among the six which is located on the sea shore.

Palani Murugan Temple
Palani Murugan Temple is located in Palani, Dindugal district of Tamilnadu and is situated at the great elevation of 150 feet above the sea level. This temple is known as the Third Padai Veedu Temple of Lord Murugan. The deity ‘Lord Palani Murugan’ is referred to as ‘Lord Dandayudhapani’, having the staff in His hand and the deity is made out of amalgam of nine minerals known as ‘Navabashana’.

Swamimalai Murugan Temple
Swamimalai Murugan Temple is located about 8 kms west of Kumbakonam, Tanjavur District of Tamilnadu. Swamimalai is the fourth Sacred Shrine among the six Padai Veedu Temples. Here Lord Murugan originated the Sacred Pranava Mantra “Om” to Lord Shiva and so engaged with the title ‘Swaminatha’ (Lord of Lords).

Thiruthani Murugan Temple
Thiruthani Murugan Temple is located on the hill of Thiruthani, Tamilnadu, as a sign of Lord Murugan. Thiruthani Temple takes the fifth place among the six Padai Veedu Temples. This temple is the place where Lord Murugan stayed after defeating the demon King Surapadman.

Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple
Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple is situated nearly 19 Kms from Madurai City of Tamilnadu. This Temple is the sixth mentioned temple of Lord Murugan’s Arupadai Veedu Temples. Lord Murugan here stands with a posture of single face with Goddesses Valli and Goddess Deivanai on His both sides.